Every day, we take notes. It may be important events, to-dos, or anything that needs concern and attention. By taking […]

Feed management is one of the very important aspects of blogging or podcasting. With your RSS feed your followers, or […]

Photography is the art of capturing light. There are two major aspects of photography ad those are shooting the photo […]

Ideas and thoughts are very powerful, but our brain tends to forget them even more as we think about something […]

Inventions of the computer have largely influenced the architectural and 2D design industry. Computer-aided design has been there for some […]

Movies are fun, anyone can create movies, not only the professionals. With videography becoming popular and efficient, anyone with a […]

Accidental file losses are common with all computers. Every file is important and it becomes impossible to survive without having […]

Photos are a great way to capture memories, your beautiful and joyful moments are very important, and looking at the […]

Your thoughts are precious, ideas and thoughts are the ones that define you. Our brain is capable of processing multiple […]

Exif (Exchangeable Image File Format) is a set of data stored with the image file that gives you the details […]