Luv Catz FAQs (4)

LuvCatz has dedicated buyers who have experience in the fashion industry. We make deals directly with Fashion Designers for small batches of items. These items are often private label lines that can be found in exclusive boutiques. We also contract out for some items of our own design. Then end result is we have ever changing inventory and most items are in limited supply.

Any woman enrolled in a college degree program. 2 year, 4 year or Grad school can apply to be a LuvCatz Sales Representative. This is not a Multi-Level system you do not need to recruit your friends to sell. We will limit the number of Sales Representatives in a given area and School. You will get paid every two weeks and profit sharing checks every 6 months.

Make a note on the forum and we will try and get it for you. It is your business too. We are all in this together to get you what you need.

Our Selections change following the trends in the real fashion world, about every 3 months there is something new. We will also have weekly special items and sales. We have buyers finding the latest items from numourous source. Some items will be very limited in supply, because we tend to buy small collections from small design houses. You will have to act fast, because many times the collections can not be reordered.