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At LuvCatz, we mentor young women who possess entrepreneurial aspirations, ambition, and drive to flourish in their chosen
professions. We offer more than a correspondence course and more than the typical syllabus that is taught in colleges; there will be no
quizzes, midterms or final exams. At LuvCatz, we provide young entrepreneurial women with an experiential platform and the
mentorship needed to become successful. The mentors at LuvCatz share their experiences and point out options so that each young
woman can make the best informed decisions that apply to her life and goals. What are learned at LuvCatz are business principles that
can be applied to any business field in any development stage, from start-up independent studios to medical practices to large corporate

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                 Luv Catz Fashion Club


Our mission at LuvCatz is to educate and encourage young women in the real ways of business, to help them to be independent, smart
and savvy successful business owners.

LuvCatz fashions are available through our Authorized Sales Representatives and Many of the items are in limited supply and new items are added regularly.