Nowadays, thanks to digital video and audio, it is really simple to create your own videos or simply edit any film to your own liking with the help of your computer and an application developed for that purpose.

Download VirtualDubMod right now and become the next Steven Spielberg

One of the most popular tools is without doubt VirtualDubMod (an alternative version to VirtualDub) that, thanks to a simple collection of tools, will allow you to modify the audio, add new tracks, apply effects or crop a sample, as well as including subtitles on any video stored on your computer.

After some practice you will be able to use filters to be able to manipulate the signal as you please or cropping the fragments that you are interested in from any video recording.

Once the fragment or clip has been modified, you can export the result in whatever format you want, so that you can later share it with your contacts or family by sending it on the Internet or uploading it to a video hosting website.

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