Moyea FLV Editor Lite

The FLV format has meant a great move forward in what regards to videos over the Internet, something that has gained quite a lot of popularity thanks to websites like Metacafe, YouTube, Megavideo, TuTV,… and likewise for a long list of other video hosting websites.

Modify videos hosted on online services

From now on we’ll be able to modify these videos to our own liking, thanks to Moyea FLV Editor, a lightweight application from which we can import videos from the Internet Explorer cache so that we can then reduce their size, crop the parts that we’re most interested in (or those that are unnecessary), add the audio of our choice in MP3 format or be able to add our own player to the video, choosing between 20 different presets.

Moreover, it’s possible to add cuepoints (to quickly find scenes within a video) and metadata to each file, that will give us more customization options for each FLV file.

Start creating your own versions of the YouTube or Metacafe videos and surprise your friends thanks to Moyea FLV Editor.

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