Free DVD Decrypter 1.5.6

Free DVD Decrypter is a simple tool that will allow you to make a copy of a DVD and save it on your hard drive. The physical support of the DVD can deteriorate with time and may stop working. To make sure that you don’t lose the films, it is convenient to create backups to avoid the deterioration and to be able to recover them.

Rip DVDs to your PC

To copy a DVD to your hard drive you have to follow a set of very simple steps. Free DVD Decrypter detects if there is any disc in the computer’s drives. Choose which drive the DVD that you want to copy is in. Select the folder where you want to store the contents of the DVD. Tell the program to complete the copying of the DVD, so that it extracts the data from your DVD. Wait for the program to complete the process.

The Free DVD Decrypter also offers you the possibility to look for application updates and to turn off the computer once it has finished the process.

Free DVD Decrypter will open a window where you will be able to see the progress of the copy. You will have the possibility to assign different priorities: high, above average, normal, below average or low. When Free DVD Decrypter finishes the process you’ll have the copy of the DVD in the indicated folder.

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