TinyTake 4.3.5

If you often need to make screenshots and record your desktop, TinyTake is the perfect solution. Capture, edit and share, everything from the same application.

The best free software to capture your screen.

TinyTake incorporates simple controls to take screenshots and record everything that happens on your desktop with only a few mouse clicks. Once you have recorded the material, you’ll be able to edit it, upload it to your MangoApps account and share it very easily.

Complete screencast software

We could classify TinyTake‘s capturing functions into two categories:

  • Image. It’s possible to capture a region, a window or the full screen. It also offers us the option to obtain a webcam image.
  • Video. The application allows us to record what happens on our desktop, but also by means of our webcam.

These options, together with the possibility to comment our creations and share them in a matter of seconds, make it the ideal software for beginners who want to get hold of a free screencast solution.

Requirements and additional information:

  • You have to sign up from the application.

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