Movies are fun, anyone can create movies, not only the professionals. With videography becoming popular and efficient, anyone with a […]

Accidental file losses are common with all computers. Every file is important and it becomes impossible to survive without having […]

Photos are a great way to capture memories, your beautiful and joyful moments are very important, and looking at the […]

Your thoughts are precious, ideas and thoughts are the ones that define you. Our brain is capable of processing multiple […]

Exif (Exchangeable Image File Format) is a set of data stored with the image file that gives you the details […]

Photography is an art and post-processing is the finishing touch that makes the art stand out and be looked upon […]

Motion graphics and designing is a booming industry, there are lots of appreciations for the industries as it is both […]

Music is like magic, everyone likes music in one genre or the other, there are millions of people all around […]

Watermarks on images and videos are used to emphasize the ownership of the image or video and to stop piracy. […]

Servers are normal computers with a special server OS running them. Servers are used to integrate many computers and to […]